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Future Development Prospect of Footwear Industry


Over the past decades, Europe and the United States and other countries have always regarded China as a "factory of the world". It is no wonder that they generally believe that China has developed mainly on the basis of cheap labor force and vast domestic geographical environment. Although in recent years, the development strength of China's shoe industry has been rapidly improved, but the development status of "manufacturing" of China's shoe industry still exists. Although the pattern of "creation" of China's shoe industry has gradually emerged, it is obviously not commensurate with the development status of China's economy. What's more, the shoe industry is facing the baptism of the post-crisis era. At one time, the tide of rising labor costs, rising raw material prices, and appreciation of the RMB was very loud, and the competitive pressure of the shoe industry manufacturing is increasing day by day. These signs also show that it is imperative to speed up the development of "creation" in order to fundamentally solve the series of problems faced by the "manufacturing" of Chinese footwear industry.

It is undeniable that the low human cost, strong processing ability and preferential policies of the Chinese footwear market have attracted a large number of foreign investment, and become the mainstay of the global footwear industry and even an important part of the world footwear industry processing industry chain. However, the "manufacturing" of China's footwear industry is also dominated by other western developed countries in high-end links such as marketing and brand innovation, so it is true that the share of the "manufacturing" of China's footwear industry in the global value chain of footwear innovation is relatively weak, and the brand innovation of China's footwear industry needs to be strengthened urgently. Based on the current market situation, the representative footwear enterprises in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Chengdu and other major footwear production bases responded quickly and made strategic adjustments on their own initiative, and a series of exploratory measures on transformation and innovation were introduced and implemented quietly. Although this has not achieved immediate results, but this contribution to the transformation and upgrading of the entire shoe industry is very gratifying. Therefore, accelerating the transformation and upgrading and cluster development of brand has undoubtedly been the most important process of China's shoe industry's "manufacturing" to "creating" development.

"Brand innovation and cluster development are the touchstones of Chinese shoe industry." This is a market proverb, but it also touches on the point. For example, in order to promote brand innovation and upgrading of their own industrial chain, some shoe enterprises have set up brand information tracking centers in Italy and other shoe-making countries to preliminarily dominate the footwear research and development market, break the traditional brand innovation thinking, and then pave the way for brand upgrading and clustering development at home and abroad. Therefore, we can not deny that in the fierce game of footwear market economy at home and abroad, Chinese footwear industry must strengthen the integration and exchange with the trend of international brand innovation, and timely accept the challenges of the international footwear market. For the current "manufacturing" of Chinese footwear industry, actively turning to the "creative" development of Chinese footwear industry has become the only way to optimize and upgrade the footwear industry, solve the current predicament of footwear enterprises, and realize the leap and development of Chinese footwear industry. Indeed, in the future, China's footwear industry will continue to walk on "manufacturing" or run on "creation". The progress of brand innovation and industrial upgrading is the ultimate answer to the password.

As we all know, "manufacturing" and "creation" are two different concepts. China is a big shoe producer. MADEINCHINA's footwear products can be seen all over the world, but there are only a handful of well-known brands leading the world. When Nike, Adidas and other foreign sports brands hit the Chinese market wave after wave, this undoubtedly also intensified the pressure of the development of China's shoe industry. However, how to make the domestic shoe industry brand cluster create and rise, which has become the whole shoe industry vigorously discussed topic.



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