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Discrimination method of rubber sole


Discrimination method of rubber sole:

Rubber outsole is made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Because rubber is a polymer compound. Therefore, rubber soles have high elasticity, high wear resistance, and can withstand repeated bending, stretching, compression without damage. It also has acid and alkali resistance, so it is suitable for wearing on rainy days. Nowadays, most of the sports shoes on the market are made of rubber soles. Like basketball, football, tennis shoes, etc. Because they all belong to the more intense sports projects, so they all require a higher wear resistance of the sole. In fact, rubber outsole is the general name of all sports soles using rubber material. According to the specific material and ingredients, rubber outsole can also be divided into natural rubber, wear-resistant rubber, environmental protection rubber, air rubber and carbon rubber outsole and so on.

Rubber is soft, elastic, easy to distinguish, squeeze with the hand is elastic; nose smells like eraser is; throw hard to the ground, there are signs of bullet.

Rubber sole is the most visible material for sports sole. In daily wear and maintenance, the following points should be noted: athletes or sports enthusiasts should often wear rubber sole sports shoes, which is to prolong the life of shoes, please remember to wash as little as possible, after having to wash, using shoe braces will help restore the original shape of shoes. Or filling the shoes with cardboard can not only help restore the shape of the shoes, but also quickly absorb excess water in the shoes.



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