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How to identify various soles?


Identification and characteristics of soles made of various materials:

1. PU is the lightest and most wear-resistant. Of course, the price is the most expensive. PU material sole is well recognized, held in hand is very light, sole back holes are round.

2. The elasticity of TPR sole is better than that of PVC sole. Hold the sole firm and fall naturally. If it bounces up, it will be TPR sole.

3. The surface of TR sole is very bright. It's harder than the ordinary TPR sole. TR has more injection holes than TPR. The injection holes are very special.

4. The sole of PVC material is heavier than TPR in hand. The sole of PVC material is cheaper than TPR, but the quality is not good, especially in winter, it is easy to break the sole. One characteristic of the sole of PVC material is that there are no injection holes, and if it smells with the nose, it will taste. If it is kept for a long time, it will grow white.

Weight: RUBBER (rubber) is the heaviest, PU, EVA is the lightest.

Material: PU is expensive, EVA, TPR is moderate, PVC is the cheapest.

Processing: TPR is made into a shape, while PVC to be processed, ABS is generally high-heeled shoes material, expensive and hard.

Application: PVC is mostly used in lining or non-weight-bearing parts, or in making children's shoes; PU leather can be used in shoes'fabrics or weight-bearing parts. In bagging, PVC leather is more suitable. This is because the items in the bag, unlike the feet in the shoes, do not emit heat; they do not have to bear personal weight.

The difference between PU and PVC is relatively easy. From the corner, PU undercloth is much thicker than PVC, and the handle of PU is also different. The handle of PU is softer; the handle of PVC is harder; it can also be burned with fire, and the taste of PU is much lighter than that of PVC.



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