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Get off the plane and check the soles


Friends who have been to New Zealand will be impressed by New Zealand's blue sky, white clouds, green grasslands and forests. The reason why New Zealand can be called "the last pure land in the world" is inseparable from New Zealand's environmental protection concept.

New Zealand's first experience of environmental protection was at their airport. It has long been said that New Zealand security is very strict, some drugs and food are not allowed to bring in, so we are very careful to pack baggage, but it is still a tight one. When we first set foot on New Zealand land, at the airport, their security personnel let my husband take off his shoes. He was wearing a pair of sneakers because he had just climbed the mountain last week and had some dirt on his soles. They asked us later to find someone to clean the soles. We asked why, they said, we need to check whether there are seeds in the soil, because New Zealand forbids any seeds and toxic substances to be brought into the country. This is the most stringent security inspection we have ever encountered, but we are also convinced by their environmental protection concept.

New Zealand is a developed animal husbandry country, with the export of mutton and dairy products ranking first in the world, all of which come from their country's green grasslands and forests. Local New Zealanders said to us that your Xinjiang sheep are known to drink mineral water and eat Chinese herbal medicine. In fact, our sheep are not, and our country pays more attention to protecting the environment. In order to prevent soil erosion and not threaten the survival of species, we do not need any pesticides and fertilizers to let plants grow naturally. In New Zealand, the mutton we eat is really delicious, and the milk in New Zealand is really delicious. The milk tastes delicious and does not swell at all. I think this is inseparable from their environmental protection.

In New Zealand, people and nature can be seen everywhere in harmony with animals. Birds, ducks and pigeons in New Zealand are not afraid of people. When you sit on a park bench, these animals will hover at your feet, raise their heads and wait for you to feed them. Even the rare black swan is not afraid of people. It will eat the breadcrumbs in your hands, without any fear that you will hurt it.

It is because of the New Zealand people's environmental awareness that the perfect harmony between human beings and nature will be achieved, and New Zealand will become the last pure land in the world and achieve real sustainable development. Faced with environmental protection, our country still has a long way to go. We need you, us and others. We need the joint efforts of our government and our people to achieve it.