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Nike sneakers have been unglued for three days



Mr. Wu responded to the mayor's hotline 12345: On August 15, I bought a pair of Nike sneakers at No. 8 Nike Store, Nanqu Street North Road, Laoyuhang. On the third day, I found degumming and cracking. I asked the stores to give them a refund, but they said they couldn't replace them.

On August 15, Mr. Wu bought a pair of Nike sneakers at No. 8 Nike Store, Nanqu Street North Road, Laoyuhang. The model is 31333-402. The original price is 499 yuan, and now it is 9% off. Mr. Wu said that on the first day of wearing, he felt a little pinched, and the shoes were a little hard to wear, which was uncomfortable. He went to the store to reflect. The clerk said that the new shoes were like this. The next day, I found that there was a little degumming on the bottom edge of the shoes. I went to the shop again to reflect that the shop assistant said it was a normal phenomenon. On the third day, Mr. Wu found that the degumming area became more and more obvious, so he went to the store for the third time to reflect that the shop assistant's answer was still: this is a normal phenomenon does not matter.

"The newly bought shoes will be degummed after three days. I think the quality of the shoes themselves is not good, but the Nike Store refuses to give me a refund. They say they can't change them after they have worn them." Mr. Wu said that after that, the shop assistant also indicated that they could take it to repair, but it took a month to repair the shoes. The shoes just bought could not be worn immediately. I felt uncomfortable. "I also went to Baidu. com to check that degumming can be replaced. Why don't they replace my shoes when they are degummed?"

Then the reporter contacted the Nike store, and a staff member explained, "When Mr. Wu bought this pair of shoes, we told him that it might crack a little. But Nike's sneakers are all like this, because there is environmental protection paint on the sole edge, sometimes dirty will look like degumming, and the shoes are flexible, walking will also wrinkle.

The staff member said that the situation of such shoes as Mr. Wu was not a quality problem according to common sense, so they could not be replaced. However, according to the requirements of the three-pack card, it does not affect the second sale can be unconditionally returned, and now he can also take back the original factory repair, but according to the procedure it will take a month to get back. If Mr. Wu insists that shoes have quality problems, he can go to the Technical Supervision Bureau to appraise the results. If the appraisal results are quality problems, they can immediately and unconditionally replace them. If there is no evidence that shoes are quality problems, they will not accept them.

Finally, although Mr. Wu was not very receptive to the new shoes degumming after three days, he felt that it was troublesome to do the identification, since the shop refused to return them. Get off the plane and check the soles