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Myxogen on the soles of walking shoes is caused by aphids


It's hot in summer. It's uncomfortable to walk on the sidewalk every day and the soles of your shoes are always stuck with sticky things. Every summer, Yinchuan residents always feel uncomfortable. Yinchuan City Landscape Bureau staff explained that this is caused by the secretion of the leaves stimulated by aphids and the secretion of the leaves dripped on the ground after the aphids ate them, but it is harmless to the human body.

It is known that aphids are insect pests of piercing-sucking mouthparts. They often live in the leaves, tender stems, buds, apical buds and other parts. They pierce and suck juice, causing the leaves to shrink, curl and deform, and even causing the withering of branches and leaves or even the death of the whole plant in serious cases. More than 30 aphids are common in more than 100 vegetations in Yinchuan City. Aphids prefer to live on poplar, locust, willow and other trees. Because of the heat and drought and the uneven spraying of pesticides, the breeding speed of aphids is accelerated. "Only when the amount of rain increases can aphids and their secretions be effectively curbed. In addition, pesticide killing efforts on trees should be strengthened. The sticky ground causes inconvenience to pedestrians. Cleaning with clean water can be used, and soap powder should be used when serious. Yinchuan City Garden Bureau pest quarantine station staff said.




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